The rarest cacao, 100% pure Nacional. Lost for over 100 years and newly discovered growing in the Marañón Canyon in Peru.

Part of the Simplicity line, this chocolate is pure and simple. Two ingredients; Cocoa Beans and Sugar. Nothing else to get in the way of tasting this truly unique and amazing chocolate. A deep and bold chocolate 77% cocoa content.

Delicate fruity flavor notes are the hallmark of this bean. With the up to 60% white beans, the color may fool you into thinking you're about to eat a milk chocolate bar. The deep, rich, bold flavors of the Marañón cocoa will remind you that this is a rich dark chocolate bar.

Cocoa Origin:
Peru - Marañón
Cocoa Content:
Flavor Notes:
Subtle fruit, hints of Bing Cherries, Raisins, and Dates, Rich chocolate flavor
Cocoa beans, sugar

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