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Bean-to-bar craft chocolate made in the Arizona desert.

Desert Indulgence Fine Chocolates is a small craft chocolate maker in San Tan Valley, Arizona. Working in very small batches and an extremely hands on process I am able to craft the finest chocolate each bean has to offer.

Working in small batches and using only the finest ingredients available, we hand-craft chocolate from single origin cocoa. We locally source ingredients when available. Providing the best hand-crafted chocolate available in Arizona.

Desert Canyon In Bloom

Finest Ingredients.

Finest chocolate.

We start with the finest cocoa to make the best possible chocolate you've ever tasted. We keep our standards high in selecting ingredients that bear our name. Fresh, supple vanilla beans. Sourcing local ingredients when possible, including Tempe's own Cartel Coffee for our Latte bars. Arizona Dairymen's Association for our dairy ingredients.

Only when we start with the finest ingredients can we finish with the finest chocolate. We work hard and are constantly honing our craft to develop the best chocolate you've tasted. We think you'll agree.

Open Two-Ingredient Bar

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