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Humble Beginnings...

Desert Indulgence is a small scale craft chocolate maker specializing in single origin cocoa. Starting with the cocoa bean and developing the bean's flavor profile through roasting and refining delivering a hand-crafted touch to everyone's favorite indulgent treat. Desert Indulgence was officially registered and began sales in January, 2014.

Desert Indulgence started out as a hobby and quickly opened up to sales due to demand from friends and family. Starting with just the bare minimum to make single batches of chocolate and a few hobby-grade chocolate molds, Desert Indulgence began sales from these very modest beginnings.

Since opening, Desert Indulgence has expanded to multiple chocolate refiners and developed a more robust process to produce multiple batches at the same time. The expansion allowed for variety. In addition to our Dark Chocolate, we now have White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and a Latte Line which adds coffee to our Milk Chocolate lines.

We have also developed a process to bring a "Caramel Chocolate" to reality. This is a roasted milk bringing a rich and sweet caramel in the package of chocolate. For now, this is named Caramel Milk. However, this also allowed expansion adding Caramel flavor notes to Milk Chocolate as well as Caramel and Caramel Mocha Latte bars.

Being that we work with very small batches, it is easy for us to experiment with new cocoa beans and new ingredients to develop new flavors and flavor profiles. If it's listed on the site here, it's been overwhelmingly approved by friends, family, and customers.

Desert Indulgence strives to use the best possible ingredients to deliver the best possible chocolate and an excellent variety of flavors to entice anybody's pallete.

To this day, Desert Indulgence remains largely a one man operation. However, I like to consider it a family business as I do regularly have help from close friends and family to help run day to day operations, such as shipping, packaging, and ingredient preparation.

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